Many of the property management industry trends that have arisen this year are a direct reflection of the uncertainty that the pandemic has caused. These 4 property management industry trends have emerged in 2020, and we believe will determine the success of property managers’ businesses in 2022 and beyond.

Top 4 Industry Trends to Watch:

  • Property Managers Are Expending More Energy on Resident-Related Concerns

  • Owners Want More Communication, Services & Insights from Property Managers

  • Property Managers Are Finding Novel Ways to Grow in an Abnormal Environment

  • Technology Will Remain Embedded in Property Managers’ Businesses After COVID-19

The events of 2020 have reshaped property managers’ business operations, communication patterns, use of technology, and outlook on growth. It’s also changed the way that property managers and their residents and clients relate to one another during a year that’s been incredibly challenging for just about everyone. But under normal circumstances, this constant change is something that property managers love about their jobs—knowing that every day is a new opportunity to outpace their own records and beat the competition. As a result, property managers will continue to do everything they can to stay on track with their goals and take care of their customers’ needs as they keep pushing through this uncertain time.